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Selected writings
In English

Talking to Kinky and Karlheinz - 170 musicians get vocal on The Music Show (ABC Books, March 2008, editor).

"It's been a great travelling companion, a source of much discovery,
full of unexpected insights and a GREAT READ!"

Pianist/composer Mike Nock on Talking to Kinky and Karlheinz

"A vast array of musicians go on the record in a masterful book of interviews."

The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 2008


The Real Sibelius in the Australian Financial Review (14 September 2007)

Pekka Kuusisto's many talents and one goal - music from one human being to another (for Musica Viva program 2008)

The Navigator at Melbourne International Festival - review of Liza Lim and Patricia Sykes's opera The Navigator, Resonate (28 October 2008)

Halcyon and B3 - concert review (Resonate 17 October 2008)

Rosemary Joy and the sound world in miniature - interview (Resonate 27 November 2008)

David Worrall: Any artist not emerging is dead - interview (Resonate 25 September 2008, interview)

Claire Edwardes - coming a full circle - interview (Resonate 25 May 2009)

Program texts for Anne Sophie von Otter's concert (Melbourne Recital centre, 9 November 2011)

2012 Art Music Awards - relive the moment - news article (Resonate 6 April 2012)

Betty Beath at 80: I like to complete a work - interview (Resonate 10 November 2012)

National Cultural Policy digested - news article (Resonate 14 March 2013)

Nigel Westlake: Pragmatism and paper planes (interview, Resonate 30 March 2016)

Liza Lim's Tree of Codes and the ephemerality of life (interview, Resonate 16 March 2016)


In Finnish - suomeksi

Poimintoja kolumneista:

Kaiken maailman tarinoita (sanomalehti Itä-Savo 2002-2007)

Ad libitum (musiikkilehti Rondo 2005 - 2006)


Valikoima muita juttuja:

Pienehkö hirsihuvila pääkaupunkiseudulla (HS 19.9.2004)
(arvio SKS:n julkaisemasta Ainola-teoksesta)

Huvituksia maailman äärissä (HS 30.8.2003)
(matkailujuttu Tasmaniasta)

Straussin laulut ja Vier letzte Lieder (Classica 1/2002)

Dvořakin matka uuteen maailmaan (Classica 2/ 2002)
(Dvořakin Amerikan-vuosista)